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Updated 07 / October / 2008

You will by now have received a SAMAG letter giving you news of your Committees decision to collaborate closely with SAFE to mount a Court case against Bank of Scotland and Barclays Bank in order to try to obtain justice for all SAM holders.

Furthermore, you will by now have also received a letter from SAFE (the wording of which was agreed with us and the nominated legal team), detailing how substantial additional funds are to be raised to enable a very complex Court case involving a leading QC and his assistants, to be prepared and run.

As a result of this collaboration, your Committee has decided that the SAMAG website should close down and in future all announcements and news items will appear on the SAFE website, which can be accessed on: -

Click on the blue here The SAFE website.

ALSO, click on this box.
The NEW website for SAM victims from our solicitors.

In the meantime, we want to thank all SAMAG members for their support over the past four years. We hope that with the donations already being received, we will soon be in a position to mount a strong case against the Banks.

We are grateful in particular to one, very hard working, resourceful and highly active member of the SAMAG committee, without whose huge efforts, we would not have had the research which has enabled us to get a favourable opinion from our QC.

Regrettably, in the eyes of your sitemaster, this person has always wished to remain anonymous.

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